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Student Guidelines

Things to Remember...

Ashtanga Yoga is a cleansing practice that is meant to create heat inside of the body so that the body and mind may be purified. Therefore, it is advised that you shower, wear clean clothes, and not to wear anything strongly scented to practice.

Be patient with the buzzer.

Check the website for the schedule of led classes.

Try not to lose your class card. 

All students should bring a small towel to practice. If needed, please also bring a larger cotton towel that prevents slipping on the mat. 

Try to practice 5-6 times per week. Always take one day off. Take an additional day off around a full or new moon. Practicing at home, or somewhere by yourself is an important part of the practice.

Do not practice if you have a fever. 

If you are contagious practice at home. 

It's ok to do a gentle practice if you feel you need to.

If you have an injury, practice in a healing manner. You are welcome to discuss your injury with your teacher to receive ideas for modifications.

During the heavy part of your menstrual cycle, you may want to take 1-3 days of rest from practice. 

Taking days of rest is a part of a healthy, balanced practice. 

Whatever your gender or gender identity, learn to bring awareness to your monthly and annual cycles, as well as, to those of the moon and seasons, this will help you create meaning and soothe your nervous system.

If you are an intermediate practitioner, practice primary series at least once a week.

About Mats…

Students who buy a package are allowed to leave their mat at the studio. 

If you leave your mat, clean it regularly. 

If you borrow a mat, clean it before putting it away.