with Love


Mysore at The Floor

Located at 310 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Class is by appointment only. Please email lindsay.hilscher@gmail.com to schedule a class 

Monday & Tuesday 7-9am

Thursday 6-8pm

Sundays 8-10am

The Floor is a movement studio and community space that offers classes in yoga, pilates, and bodywork. Yoga students are encouraged to take a multidisciplinary approach to their practice by taking different classes offered at the studio. 

Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, state of health or level of physical fitness. The only requirement is commitment and curiosity. Classes are open level and there is no previous experience required to attend. Beginners are welcome. Those who are injured are welcome. Also, those who are pregnant and past their first trimester are welcome. 

Mysore classes are taught to students as individuals. Students work closely with a teacher 1:1 to develop a practice. Over time students gain independence and practice becomes an intimate and personal experience in which the teacher is there for quiet and minimal support as needed.

Led classes in which the postures and breath are counted out loud are offered to create and maintain a steady rhythm through a full practice. Nutritional support through lectures and discussions are offered following each led class. 

It is my honor to offer these classes in the spirit that they were taught to me by my teachers Eddie Stern and Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois.


Private yoga sessions, small group sessions, and corporate yoga classes can be arranged by contacting me at lindsay.hilscher@gmail.com